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  • I Bought A Domain ... Now What?!?

    If you just bought a domain or are trying to build your website and are at a complete loss, this FREE guide is for you. Download your copy now!

  • Download Your Free Start with the Basics Checklist

    Start at the beginning give ourselves a new perspective, before we spend time launching a program or offer that falls flat. To help you before you start diving into marketing and wasted efforts that yield little to no results ... Download my FREE Start with the Basics Checklist.

  • Facebook Live 5 Day Challenge

    You are missing the most important element of your marketing strategy. Join me for this 5 day challenge where we conquer the Facebook Live platform like ROCKSTARS!

  • Act Like A Diva, Market Like A Boss

    This 12 week group program will take you and your business to a whole new level. You will be authentic, while having fun. You will build business strategies that kick ass. You will have an entire support system of women to help you grow personally and professionally --- what are you waiting for?

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    So let’s talk backup plans … Really. Yes. Did you think I was going to tell you that everything is going to go right the first time? Backup plans are for losers and failures?! Well I’m not. Backup plans are CRITICAL to every thing you do in your business (and life, but this is a […]

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    Now you may be thinking you just told me the Pros & Cons of a DIY Website; well let me start by saying that these two are not the same thing. You can have a DIY Website without using a website builder. Let me define what a website builder is … a website builder is […]

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  • DIY Website – Pros & Cons

    I’ve run into a few companies or individuals who have asked about getting help with a website, but that they want to do the work themselves. I totally get it. It gives them more control, maybe they don’t have the money, a number of reasons why they want to have a DIY website. I sat […]

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