Are you experiencing business drought?

Do you miss out on the connections with your audience?

Say goodbye to your drought and say hello to your new relationships.

I am the Marketing Diva, giving you the tools, experience and knowledge that you need to boost your business and build a connection with your audience.

I have over 16 years of experience with solopreneurs, small and medium size businesses in the realm of marketing, web development & design and relationship building with your customers.

With over 500 websites and over 300 marketing strategies and plans under my belt, I have the tools and experience to help you get rid of the drought for good and make lasting relationships with your customers.

I offer a few different programs designed to help you; whether, its a group setting, 1-on-1 or program based at your own pace, I can help you. I know that there are times when we need someone to give it to us real. We need someone who has a creative and strategic vision to help you. We need plans and direction. It’s not just about telling people what they should be doing; it’s showing them how and giving them the right tools. And sometimes it’s doing it for them.

If you are tired of your droughts, lost relationships, and lack of direction in your business, head over to the work with me page and select the option that fits your style!

I am excited to connect with you and learn more about you, your business and where I can help you.



nicole falconer

10 Things About Me…

I am a single mom to 2 teenage daughters.
I have rebranded my business 3 times.
I worked full-time, went to school full-time, and launched my business, simultaneously.
I have a signature talk called, “If you’re not failing, You’re not doing it right.”
I am currently writing 4 books, simultaneously.
I graduated in the top 10% of my class, while pregnant with my oldest daughter.
My favorite color is pink. Yet, the only color really in my wardrobe is black.
I’ve died my hair red for 5¬†years and I won’t die it any other color.
I love to read. My favorite author is J.D. Robb (a Nora Roberts Pen Name)
If it wasn’t for my support group, I’d probably be locked in a padded cell.